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The Apollo II system is the pinnacle of energy production, using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert the most energy per square foot of any solar shingle. Apollo II also functions as your roof, generating clean energy while protecting your home from water intrusion.

Energy Storage

Now available ,the new 6.8kWh, ESS 7.0 lithium Energy Storage System offers high performance in a modern, aesthetically pleasing design intended for residential and small commercial use. The 48V, high efficiency unit offers a seven-year warranty at 5,000 cycles, with a potential life span of up to 20 years.

Geo Thermal

GeoComfort Element Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced, exceptionally efficient and smaller than the alternatives. The Element Series compact vertical packaged model is the perfect unit for installations where space comes at a premium.

Power Monitoring

Our power monitoring system from engage, lets you manage multiple circuits in your home from anywhere, any time through the engage online portal. We also monitor for solar/PV power output. Engage gives you a graph in real time of how your consumption compares with your power generation


What if going green was free?
Our Homes Consume up to 90% less energy.

What if going green was free? Net Zero Contractors and our sustainable partners have teamed up to bring you a line of beautiful, affordable and sustainable homes. Featuring cutting-edge design and energy- efficient construction, Our homes are capable of producing as much energy as it will consume in one year period, achieving Net Zero Energy status. Our homes are versatile in design that pairs aesthetic simplicity with sophisticated technology.

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